Exyz Robot - Bollide Y-01


Exyz Robot - Bollide Y-01

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Build your own advanced humanoid robot with the Bolide Y-01 DIY kit from XYZrobot. Its 18 A1-16 smart servos allow it to perform a wide range of complex movements, including dancing, walking, and the ability to get up off the ground, and it is preprogrammed to perform such movements in response to commands from the included Bluetooth controller or a smartphone or tablet running the XYZrobot app. The Bolide also features an Arduino-compatible microcontroller and sensors, so you can program it to perform new and interactive or autonomous behaviors.

Features :

  • 18 degrees of freedom and 330 degrees of effective position control.
  • Create your own unique robot by using 3D printable parts.
  • Teach Bolide Y-01 new movements and actions with Arduino 1.0.6 and the XYZrobot Editor.
  • Control Bolide Y-01 using the remote control or your smartphone and tablet via the XYZrobot app for Android and Apple devices.
  • Download free motion scripts from the official XYZrobot website.

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