Star Wars - Tie Fighter USB LED Light

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The design of the titanium fighter expresses the military philosophy of the empire-quantity prevails over quality. Its design aims at low cost, light weight, easy mass production and low maintenance cost. As a result, this type of flexible, high-speed and fragile short-range fighter is created. On the battlefield, titanium fighters will fight the enemy in huge numbers. Because the Empire used them extensively. Therefore, the titanium fighter is regarded as one of the most significant symbols of the Galactic Empire.


  • Star War Titanium Fighter (TIE/ln Starfighter) USB Light
  • "Titanium"﹝TIE﹞" means "Twin Ion Engine﹞"
  • Plug in the USB to start the TIE/In Starfighter and start the LED Light equipment
  • Feel the intense and exciting atmosphere of Star War together!!!


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