Strokes - Arabic Beginner


Strokes - Arabic Beginner

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The series 100 is a complete language course for beginners with no previous knowledge of the language. Master the basics of a new language, and continue to develop far into the intermediate level. Command proficiency and have the ability to fully express yourself in any daily situation. You get everything you need for your total immersion in the new language. The product includes: 100 Dialogues covering everyday situations, travel and profession, a pronunciation trainer, a vocabulary trainer, a wide variety of exercises, a complete grammar, a context-based dictionary, a virtual printable book, a video animated help system, an audio CD. The product comes in a high quality packaging with a slipcase.

Key Features: 

  • Real-Life Language Training
  • Situation focused Training
  • Total cross-linking of the language content
  • Natural and Literal Translations
  • Multi Channel Learning System
  • Lesson plans with 36 diverse types of exercises
  • Your personalized lesson plan


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