Strokes - Japanese


Strokes - Japanese

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With STROKES Easy Learning, achieving proficiency in a foreign language is made easy.

The STROKES language programmes were developed in a comparative language structure that creates a direct link between your mother tongue and the foreign language.

You can always compare the structure and the grammar of the foreign language with that of your mother tongue, and you will therefore learn to understand more quickly and to think like a native speaker of the foreign language from the very beginning of your study.

You will progress rapidly, which will always motivate you to continue studying.

The STROKES learning concept will enable you to learn a foreign language quickly and easily. Just follow the recommended steps and you will be able to actively speak in a foreign language within your first two days of study.

The series 100 is a complete language course for beginners with no previous knowledge.

Master the basics of a new language, and continue to develop far into the intermediate level.

Command proficiency and have the ability tu fully express yourself in any daily situation.

With 100 real-life dialogues and a complete fundamental grammar, you will learn the most important forms of communication for everyday life.

With average study sessions of one hour a day, you will learn to understand, speak and write the new language in only 100 days.

Once you complete the Series 100, you can further consolidate your language skills with the Series 101 for advanced learners.

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