Naztech - MagBuddy Cup Holder - Black

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 The Naztech MagBuddy Cup Holder Mount features an innovative magnetic system that fastens your smartphone in a convenient position while driving! Utilizing high-powered magnets, the magnetic plate attracts and secures your device without any cradle needed; keeping your device safe without hooking it in. With a completely flexible yet secure 11-inch gooseneck, this mount provides 360 degrees of mounting positions, providing anyone with the perfect viewing angle. The base of the gooseneck expands and contracts in size to fit securely inside of your cup holder, allowing it to work in any vehicle! While the phone is magnetically fastened, it's easy to grab-and-go without having to unhook it from a laborious cradle.


  • Adjustable cup holder base
  • 11 inch flexible gooseneck
  • Powerful neodymium magnets
  • Provides hands-free phone calls and GPS capability.
  • Multiple secure viewing angles
  • Adhesive metal plate


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