Rosetta Stone - Portuguese Brazilian Lvl 123


Rosetta Stone - Portuguese Brazilian Lvl 123

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The Rosetta Stone Portuguese / Brazil Levels 1-3 (Version 4 / Mac / Download) uses visuals and sounds to train you to speak and think, as well as read and write in Portuguese, as spoken in Brazil. Instead of teaching you to memorize and repeat, it leads you to recognize patterns, speak intuitively, and be confident in your pronunciations. From the first lesson, you'll hear and use only Portuguese. Your native language won't play a part at all, and you'll be engaged actively. The teaching sequence places a higher focus on speech and thought, but it also effectively balances reading and writing.

Key Features
  • Audiovisual Language Learning Software
  • 150 Hrs Conversation/Interaction Content
  • Teaches to Speak and Think Intuitively
  • Focuses on Pattern Recognition
  • Balances Reading and Writing
  • Real-Time Visual & Audial Feedback
  • Speech Recognition Assessments
  • Includes TOTALe Mobile App Free Trial

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