ReTrak Power Wall charger ThinPlug 1A + Retractable USB to Micro USB Cable

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ReTrak Power Wall chargers will ensure that you are able to keep any USB device plugged in and powered up at home. Durable cable construction and tension relief molding means you will never run into an issue where you wake up and your Android device, GPS, camera, or other USB compatible device wasn’t charging when you thought it was. ReTrak’s Power wall chargers and Micro USB wall chargers are retractable, so you can retract the cord when it’s not in use and store the charger easily in your bag, drawer or backpack without any annoying cable clutter.

Features :

  • Versatile and essential wall chargers for the traveller.
  • Sleek, black housing is distinctively designed for Minimum bulk and weight.
  • Cable stays neatly stored until needed, then retracts when charging is complete.

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