Tech Deck - Dudes - Mini 4pk S1 Asst.

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The Dudes are here, bruh! Grab the Tech Deck Dudes 2-pack and roll with a new kind of skate squad! Each Tech Deck Dude has a unique personality, detailed features and their own individual style. With 70 Dudes and 11 squads, there's an entire universe to discover! 


  • Ridiculous! Relentless! Fearless! Tech Deck Dudes are awesome collectible mini skaters with epic personalities, grungy styles and removable skateboards.
  • Collect all 70 misfits and make your own squad!
  • Use the carrying case wheel to store or display your Dude! Collect more wheels and you can connect them together, building an entire wall of chill skaters!
  • The Dudes live for pranks! While some Dudes are visible, one is hidden from view, so you never know which misfit you'll get!
  • Suitable for 6 years and above. 


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