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Jumping rope is the most efficient full-body workout there is; doing 10 minutes of jumping ropes is the equivalent of running 30 minutes, but it is also less tiring on your joints and works out your entire body instead of just a few muscles. The Smart Jump Rope Rookie is the newest version of Smart Rope. It is an app-connected jump rope that shows your workout information in real time! It connects to the Tangram SmartRope app which tells you how many calories you burned, your jump count, your leaderboard score, as well as allowing you to challenge other Smart Rope Rookie users across the world. 

Key Features: 

  • See your jump count in MID-AIR whilst you exercise!
  • The evolution of a classic cardio training, a jump rope workout burns twice as many calories as a running workout.
  • Sync the jump rope to the free Smart Gym mobile app (iOS, Android, Apple Watch) to track jump count, calories burned, workout times, and interval training.
  • Stay motivated to keep using the jump rope by unlocking fitness awards and competing with friends.
  • Smart Gym syncs to Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, and Under Armour (UA Record, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness) to support all types of workout and fitness wearables.

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